Real Estate

Are you purchasing, selling, refinancing, or leasing a property? Don’t try to do it without the assistance of a competent attorney. We have handled thousands of real estate transactions relating to both commercial and residential matters.

We wish we could always guarantee our clients a smooth and trouble free closing. We can’t. However, when problems arise, we are there to help you deal with them.

Oftentimes people come to us with problems that arose because they did not use an attorney for a transactions. In many of those situations it is very difficult to resolve the problem. Remember, it is always easier to fix a problem before a transaction has been completed. Although the costs might seem unnecessary, in the long run they can save you a substantial amount of money.

Help in Finding Competent Professionals
A residential real estate transaction is probably the largest single business transaction the average person makes during his or her lifetime. Representing a seller in a real estate transaction is more than just preparing seller’s documents. When we represent a buyer in a real estate transaction we also assist in contract negotiation, review of property inspection reports, counseling on “open permit” and “code violation” matters , counseling on loan programs, obtaining homeowner’s insurance, obtaining a survey of the property and reviewing title to make sure that there are no liens against the property. When we represent a seller in a real estate transaction we also assist in the contract negotiation, obtaining information required to be delivered by seller at closing, confirming that all deposits have been made by buyer, review of inspection reports, preparation of seller’s documents and delivery of closing proceeds to the seller.

We are also glad to help you find a trustworthy realtor, loan officer, inspection company and other professionals.

Help with Refinancing Mortgages
Interest rates are lower than they have been for a long time. Let us help you determine if refinancing your home loan is right for you.

Help with Obtaining Title Insurance
We are authorized agents of Attorney’s Title Insurance Fund and therefore also have the ability to act as the closing agent in your real estate transaction. This assures you of the service and professionalism of our firm to conduct your closing.